The current production capacity of the greenhouse is 25,000,000 kilogrammes of tomato varieties per year. Agronomists and engineers are working on the production of large-fruited tomatoes, cluster tomatoes and cherry tomatoes.

The cherry tomato is a type of small round tomato. Cherry tomatoes range in size from a thumbp up to the size of a golf ball, and can range from spherical to slightly oblong in shape. Although usually red, other variees such as yellow, green, and black also exist. They are crack resistant.


These tomatoes are harvested when they start coloring and they ripe on the vine. Usually there are 5 to 6 tomatoes aached to the vine. Their color is usually red. Red colored and round shaped intermediate cluster tomatoes are in high demand in CIS countries and Middle East. Average tomato weight is around 150-160 grams. They have long shelf life i.e. around 10-20 days.


A beef tomato is one of the largest variees of culvated tomatoes, some weighing 450 grams. Most are pink or red with numerous small seed compartments distributed throughout the fruit. They are harvested individually. They have exceponal taste.



With the start of operation of the new greenhouses, the number of working staff of the greenhouse and open areas will increase from 400 to more than 700 people. The produced products will be sold on the domestic market and exported abroad under the trademark "Mahmal". The project we are implementing is based on the State Strategy of the Esteemed President, which is aimed at creating workplaces in villages, provision of food safety, reducing imports, increasing exports, expanding agriculture through innovations and developing laylands.



At present stage, ES "Yigit" operates a modern greenhouse spread over 740,000 m² of area and equipped with the most modern and advanced equipment manufactured by leading European companies.


In the greenhouse heang centre equipment of the European companies is installed operang on natural gas and fuel. The carbon dioxide formed in process of natural gas combuson in the heang centre is used by means of processing and disinfecng along with solar radiation , sunlight in process of photosynthesis.


This heang equipment enables to provide heang inside the GREENHOUSE up to 20-25 degrees of heat even at 17 degrees of frost in the street.


Water from the Karakum River is used to supply the greenhouse with the necessary moisture. After passing through the first and second settling basins, the water is cleaned of coarse contamination and then collected in a 234 tonne tank inside the greenhouse. The water from the tank, after passing through sand, carbon and membrane filters, is saturated with the necessary minerals and supplied to the plants. The activation of the water supply system, by means of electronic equipment, contributes to the rational use of natural resources. The greenhouse conditioning is also regulated by means of modern sensors for heat, humidity, carbon dioxide and lighting.


The greenhouse, built on an area of 74 hectares of land, is equipped with heating and cooling systems, and is equipped with modern equipment to increase its production capacity and ensure production for 12 months of the year. With the help of air conditioners, the temperature inside the greenhouse can be regulated to the required 25 degrees Celsius even if it is 45 degrees Celsius outside.


Today the company makes direct deliveries to such countries as: UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Tajikistan. By next year we plan to double the number of countries to which we export our products and enter the markets of Europe.




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